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My name is Tyler Stevenson. I feel like Graphic Design and Photography have been my structure of art lately and why? Because it shows that I can create a really beautiful piece of art and creating detail from a simple basic photo picture is everything, and detail, IS and WILL be everything, cause without it you won't get it. It could mean anything, the way I see detail is that if I truly understand the piece of art then it's probably really detailed. I also say that art could be anything. Don't ever forget that. I am influenced by many arts and many teachers that have pushed me towards my goal and especially by my mother who has produced and worked in the arts for almost 30 years now, to get me to my dreams and to what I want to do in life. She is the supportive mom everyone needs, especially now. When I was 12 I made/ created a lot of stuff and my teachers even commented, "wow that's really amazing, and what made you get to that point?” I said it was because of my mom, she knew ways of getting certain pictures and images and she showed me. I used to live in Corona, I've lived there my whole life until the Pandemic changed everything, now I live in an area where I get to be free as a Gay Black African American man.
I came to OCSA for the experience and a new life. Just being able to do what I love at OCSA, school’s like this allow me to make a lot of real and true friends, and it has also helped me become more wise with my choices.
I will go to an art college, but as for right now, I want to save enough money for that.

Tyler Stevenson

Samantha Bailey

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Tell us a little bit about yourself, what is your favorite art medium is, how did you arrive at OCSA and if you plan to study the Arts in College:

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