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My favorite medium is Digital art! I feel that especially now that we are stuck at home, digital art programs have become more accessible to me, and I've been able to spend more time learning how to use them. It's really great for me to get my ideas out, and helps me practice things like color theory and composition.
I am a second generation Chinese-American, I love whales and complementary colors! My mom and I live in Laguna Hills. I also have a dog named Kitty, he's a Pomeranian.
A family friend told me about OCSA, and I was really interested in the Visual Arts program. I already liked drawing a lot so I wanted to apply.

Kaylee Yu

Samantha Bailey

Student Gallery

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what is your favorite art medium is, how did you arrive at OCSA and if you plan to study the Arts in College:

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