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My name is Joyce Lee. My most recent medium I enjoy working with is Printmaking! I started using a linoleum stamp I made at OCSA last year to make prints for a new 3D project and it was very fun; I like how I can produce each print quickly yet make each unique. I've lived in Irvine my whole life with my family of four. We are a very Korean and simple household, additionally with three tiny dogs: Nami, Chia, and Dooboo.
I came to OCSA because drawing has always been one of my main interests and I knew in middle school I wanted to explore and engage in a more creative environment.
Yes! I am applying as a Fine Arts or Illustration major for college. At the moment, I have no idea what specific career I want to pursue. I am hoping it will be in the creative field and will allow me to travel various places!

Joyce Lee

Samantha Bailey

Student Gallery

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what is your favorite art medium is, how did you arrive at OCSA and if you plan to study the Arts in College:

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