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My name is Elleyse Na. My favorite medium to work with right now is Posca paint pens because of their vibrant saturated colors. I love how easy they are to work with since they are in pen form and how I can create graphic simple designs and patterns with them. I have lived in California my whole life with my mother, father, and brother. My father was born in South Korea and my mother in California. We have many pets in my household including geckos, fish, birds, turtles, a dog, cat, snake, and a bearded dragon. My cat's name is Milo and my bird is named Snowy.
I came to OCSA because I wanted to be around like-minded people and at the school I was attending there were not many artists. I applied for OCSA because I wanted to better my art skills and expand my creativity.
In college I want to pursue either Visual Effects, Graphic Design, or Architecture.

Elleyse Na

Samantha Bailey

Student Gallery

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what is your favorite art medium is, how did you arrive at OCSA and if you plan to study the Arts in College:

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