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My favorite art medium at the moment is painting with watercolor. It was the most difficult paint medium to learn and was frustrating at first because of how fluid the paint is, which made it hard to control, but after lots of practice in watercolor last school year, my efforts paid off and now I really enjoy it.
Me and my family live in Fountain Valley, Orange County and last March we welcomed a white Labrador retriever puppy named Brody into our home. He's been a handful and no matter how hard we try to tire him out with walks and playing fetch he never runs out of energy, he's become more of the boss in my house than either of my parents but we all love him a ton.
I found out about OCSA at the beginning of middle school and was blown away by finding a school that specialized in my passion with classes that would help me broaden my medium horizon and step outside of my comfort zone and into creativity.

Brooke Cosand

Samantha Bailey

Student Gallery

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what is your favorite art medium is, how did you arrive at OCSA and if you plan to study the Arts in College:

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