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My name is Adan O’Toole. I like digital art the best right now, because it’s the easiest and safest art making option. I also enjoy being able to manage layers, undo, and add cool effects after I’m done drawing to make it look compete. I have my mom, my dad, and my older sister. I’ve lived in Irvine my whole life. I started oil painting when I was 8 and that’s what got me to start doing art and eventually to apply to Visual Arts. I have no pets.
I came to OCSA because I really wanted the opportunity to meet unique, creative, and interesting people. I also wanted to develop my art more.
I want to pursue something artistic but I don’t know yet if it will be directly visual arts.

Adan O'Toole

Samantha Bailey

Student Gallery

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what is your favorite art medium is, how did you arrive at OCSA and if you plan to study the Arts in College:

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