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I currently live in Huntington Beach with my parents, younger brother, and three dogs (Ruby, Luna, and Rhea), but I was born in Brooklyn and lived in Utah from the age of 1 and until 5th grade. The arts have always been a part of my life, but finding out about OCSA my first year after moving to California was a really lucky and opportune experience.

Digital art is my favorite art medium, since it has a lot of room to refine details and play with lighting and line art in a way that doesn't destroy all of the rest of the piece immediately (including, of course, the blessed undo button). Digital art has a lot of freedom and a lot of different potentials that make it always exciting to try out new things and further develop my art.

My first time hearing about OCSA, it was introduced to me as an opportunity to learn in an environment with other artists and improve my own art at a school with good academics too. Even the first time hearing about it, it didn't sound like something you'd find at any regular school. OCSA was appealing in that it had a lot of potential, and a community of people that understood one another and could work together. The idea of going to a school filled with artists and people who cared about a lot of the same things, whether it be artistic or in life, is something that isn't found everywhere and was something I was and still am interested in.

Although I'm not completely sure what career I want to pursue yet (less certain now than when I started at OCSA as I've grown to have more interests and learn about more different and interesting career paths), visual development is somewhere in an art career that I'd like to pursue. Visual development is able to conceptualize a lot of work in conjunction with the animation business, which is something that's really interesting to me, particularly as there are so many elements when it comes world building and storytelling in that sense.


Sophia Taite Wilhelm

Student Artwork

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