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Trenyce Tong

I was born in Singapore, and moved to the US when I was young. In my artwork, I focus on what I'm interested in, whether its color and form, technology, or general beauty. The first art form that made me love art was manga and anime. Comics like Hunter X Hunter and Ping Pong have been the driving force of my art.

Although I enjoy oil painting and traditional mediums, in my free time I like to write stories through digital artwork. It is very freeing and convenient, and I can feel time pass by very quickly when I'm on my computer.

My future plans…
My future plans are to go to an academic university and major in art or design, and study an additional academic major. I'd like to be some kind of designer or artist in the technology field. I am interested in UX design and product design, as well as general illustration and graphic design. I tend to see the world through art, so regardless of what specific career I pursue, I think art will have to be a major part of it. As for academic majors, I am curious about business, psychology, or computer science.

My advice for my younger OCSA Classmates-
Prepare snacks for breaks, and manage your time well with homework and art work. Stretch your hands, neck, and back a lot. Do Winter Market! And especially—meet lots of people in and outside your conservatory. Meeting talented people and working with them on projects was the best part of OCSA.

11th, 12th Show Invite

Project Gallery

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