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Suofei Wang

Like most people in this school, I developed a strong interest in art since very little. I am unable to recall a single moment of my life where I found disinterest in drawing. In pursuit of artistic education, I became a part of the OCSA family at the beginning of high school (probably the most impactful decision of my life).

In OCSA, I was able to take advantage of a wide range of curriculums that aided me on my way to further exploration, which was extremely helpful because I never knew which career path I wanted to pursue. Eventually, I found an immense interest in the field of architecture and have been pursuing it ever since.

My future plans… As of writing this statement, I have received acceptance to several prestigious schools with good architecture programs. I will most likely be attending the Cooper Union next year as an undergraduate student in the B.Arch program. I look forward to a new environment but am confident that the education and experience I received from OCSA will remain a part of me wherever I decide to go.

My advice for my younger OCSA Classmates-
Don't shy away from bold decisions. Because in the end, it's the things you don't do that you regret most.

11th, 12th Show Invite

Project Gallery

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