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Rachael Kim

Ever since I was very young, I have always loved to travel, thanks to my parents. They allowed me to experience and learn about the different cultures, history, food, and people. But most importantly, they took me to many different art museums and historical sites such as the Louvre in Paris, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Royals Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, the Gallery of Maps in Vatican, the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican in Rome, the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and many more.

Due to my parents’ consistent drive towards getting me to view all of the different artworks, I was able to travel around the world to draw inspiration from every single site I visited. Through this, my appreciation towards art grew tremendously. By walking around for hours in the endless hallways with framed artwork and sculptures, all varying in different artistic styles and mediums, I was deeply inspired by many artists and designers, and constantly exposed to materials that were used in their pieces. By understanding the materials and mediums that they used and the story behind the piece, I was able to create my own artwork inspired by pieces created in the past. The inspiration that I drew from every single artist has affected many of my artworks that I have made and pieces that I am working on now.

My future plans… I am beyond thrilled to say that I will be attending Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) this fall, majoring in Industrial Design. I am excited to start a new chapter at RISD surrounded by talented/ creative designers and artists from all over the world. The ability to learn, question, and push my creativity and exploration of art and design is what propels me even further to continue on within this field of study. All throughout high school, I have valued the lesson of building relationships with those around me.

As I am entering college, I am eager to take what I have learned and grow from it. I will continue to maintain the strong relationships that I have already built, but also strive to make new bonds with professors, designers, and many more that are there to guide, inspire, and mentor me throughout my whole journey ahead. I hope to continue traveling with my family and friends, and visit many more art museums and historical sites, and be inspired.

My advice for my younger OCSA Classmates-
My words of advice to younger OCSA students is to keep trying new things. The greater exposure you have to a variety of artistic mediums, the more impactful you can make your ideas, by tying the right medium to the message-- and last but not least, do not be afraid to make mistakes throughout your journey in art making. Learning from those mistakes will push you further down the art path. In order to grow and move forward, mistakes must be made!

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