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Megan Kaura

Ever since I was young I have been fascinated with visual art. I've used just about every 2D medium available and worked in mixed media, digital, and sculptural forms as well. My 2D art generally focuses on faces and figures, with the occasional plant or animal. I mostly work in acrylic, gouache, or digital, but as of late I've absolutely loved working in metals, making rings and other jewelry pieces.

My future plans… I plan on pursuing Elementary Education in the future, majoring in Education Studies at Southern Oregon University. I would still like to keep visual art in my life as a hobby, or be able to integrate it into the classroom as I become a teacher.

My advice for my younger OCSA Classmates-
My advice would be to take advantage of the time that teachers are giving you. Don't be afraid to ask loads of questions! Talk a lot with your teachers, they want to hear about what you want to do. The people around you are here to support you! Be inspired by your peers who you think are more skilled than you, rather than jealous. Everyone has at least one thing they will be good at, and at least one thing that will be difficult, so if you end up not being very good at something your fellow artists are good at, you have nothing to be afraid or ashamed of! If you want to improve in any way you will have to move outside your comfort zone.

11th, 12th Show Invite

Project Gallery

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