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Eloise McNamee

I was born and raised in Orange County, CA but have always loved all things dark and cold. As well as musical influences, I often draw from pop surrealism, fantasy, horror, nature and true crime, and for my more personal work I often reference my own experiences and struggles with identity, trauma, and mental illness.

I am also heavily influenced by tattoo art and culture, and my favorite mediums are charcoal, graphite, and ink but I have greatly enjoyed experimenting with many different mediums at OCSA including printmaking and even 3D art such as ceramics.

In the future I plan on completing a strong portfolio in order to secure a formal apprenticeship in a tattoo shop. I also plan on moving out of Orange County with some of my closest loved ones. I hope that life in a new environment full of new challenges will be a great and positive influence on myself and my art. I will always be thankful for the opportunities I have been provided at OCSA, and how much I have learned about myself as an artist as a result.

11th, 12th Show Invite

Project Gallery

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