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Elleyse Na

I focus my artwork to reflect past and present experiences, my personal interests, and emotions. I utilize my artistic influences and the events that are happening in my present life to create pieces that I can go back and reflect on. This allows me to be able to look back on different times in my life as well as see my technical improvements in my art.

The mediums that I use in my artwork influence my pieces as well because I like to work with the medium and let it speak for itself. My favorite mediums that I work with include acrylic paint, oil paint, digital (Adobe Photoshop and Procreate), color pencils, pens, markers, and ceramics.

My future plans… I plan to attend Parsons School of Design in NYC.
The area I want to study/pursue is concept design/visual effects in the entertainment industry. I am also interested in graphic design, painting, and animation. In five years I see myself hopefully being able to work in this industry and to work on animation and movies.

My advice for my younger OCSA Classmates-
My advice would be to work on art everyday and you will see improvements, persistence is important and remember not to be hard on yourself. Being able to take constructive criticism is vital and will allow you to grow and develop your skills.

11th, 12th Show Invite

Project Gallery

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