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My name is Paige Oden, our students call me Mrs. Oden. I have taught many studio classes within our VA curriculum, my favorite class to teach is Mixed Media Drawing. I am also the Visual Arts Conservatory Director so I work with all of our students at some point. During this Pandemic year I have been focused on helping our Seniors by leading Portfolio Development Zoom meetings one on one, getting those amazing portfolios ready! It has gone very smoothly this year because our students have adjusted extremely well to digital image sharing, and they are very savvy at using all Google apps and various college app sites.
I grew up in Newport Beach, literally on the sand. Spent most of my childhood days swimming in the ocean or drawing. Both of my parents were artists and my father started the prestigious CSULB Illustration program, way back in the 60's. I have a BFA in Painting and an MFA in Painting and Sculpture and now a CTE Credential too. I live in Tustin with my family and our Greyhounds. I paint nearly every day and show my paintings whenever possible (Laguna Festival of Arts every summer). I used to be a full-time painter and showed my works in galleries in San Francisco, Dallas and Palm Desert, but OCSA keeps me too busy for that these days. I love OCSA, I love the culture, the VA students and the amazing VA teachers. I look forward to when we are all together on campus again.

Paige Oden

Samantha Bailey

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