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My name is Ian Montelongo, my students call me Mr. Monte. I teach 9th grade Beginning Watercolor Painting and Acrylic Painting techniques for 10th/11th/12th grade.
I live locally in the city of Orange. I have a BFA Illustration from CSU Long Beach. I show my paintings at the Chemers gallery in Tustin. I am always drawing and looking for new places to explore and paint.

Ian Montelongo

Samantha Bailey

Can you share some of your favorite class projects for the Fall 2020 semester?

Some favorite projects for both classes are a collaged painting project inspired by the Muralist Joram Roukes. Students take multiple paintings (of their own) and cut up and combine together. Another project is the Scenes and Settings project, where students paint a scene based off of an actual location where they have been. This project gets the students to observe their atmospheric surroundings.

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