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My name is Caroline Fleet and my students call me Ms. Fleet. I teach 8th Grade Advanced 2D Art and Design. I also teach two OCSA elective classes: AP Studio Art and Design and AP Art History. Many Visual Arts students also have my elective classes during their academic day.
I am a proud OCSA alumnus (Class of 2012, Visual Arts Conservatory). I hold a bachelor's degree in biology from Haverford College, where I also minored in Fine Arts. I also have my teaching credential and master's degree from the UC Irvine School of Education and I joined OCSA's Elective and Conservatory faculty in 2017. I am also an advisor and coordinator for OCSA's annual Winter Market. I am also a freelance artist and specialize in biology-themed prints and designs.

Caroline Fleet

Samantha Bailey

Can you share some of your favorite class projects for the Fall 2020 semester?

I was very impressed with my 8th grade students' Modernism/Cubism projects, and astounded at the variety of ways students depicted themselves in their Expressive Self-Portraits!

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