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My name is Ms. Cara Nilsen, my students call me Ms. Nilsen. I teach Beginning Figure Drawing for our 10th grade
and Fall Senior Portfolio (12th grade). I also teach Mixed Media Drawing and in a non- Pandemic world I would
teach Animal Drawing where we draw from live animals at local zoos and horse local stables.
I'm originally from rural Upstate NY, where the rest of my family resides. I moved to California to attend grad
school at CSUF for my MFA in Illustration (and stayed!). I live in Long Beach with my wife, Leah, and our two cats.
Outside of teaching, I love reading, travel (in normal circumstances), and good coffee. I also love to work on my
own artwork, which focuses on Norse Mythology. When circumstances permit, I sell prints of my work at
Scandinavian-focused festivals.

Cara Nilsen

Samantha Bailey

Can you share some of your favorite class projects for the Fall 2020 semester?

I really enjoy the Master-studies of George Bridgman drawings in Beginning Figure Drawing

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